Please pay attention to these instructions, your new tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life, so please follow all the recommendations.

1. No longer then 3 hours after the session carefully remove the bandage (plastic foil).

2. Gently wash the tattoo under warm water with some natural soap (or baby soap). Do not use a washcloth, just gently wash the tattoo with your hands. Let the tattoo dry or use a paper towel to dry it (do not rub the tattoo).

3. Put on some healing cream on the tattoo. Do not use a lot of cream, the tattoo should be covered with a thin layer of cream.

4. During the next day repeat steps 2 and 3 three times a day.

5. During next 7-10 days continue to use healing cream 2-3 times a day. There is no need to wash the tattoo every time before you put the cream, you can wash it once or twice a day, when you take a shower, for example. Just make sure you don’t use any shower gel or washcloth for the tattoo (you can continue using natural or baby soap).

6. 10 days after appointment there is no need to use healing cream any more, just use any moisturizing non-greasy cream for one more week (not Bepanten!). The skin with the tattoo can start peeling off a little bit, don't do anything with it, just continue using cream.

7. After the session it is better to limit strong alcohol and strong coffee and vasodilators if any - for 3 days, sports - for 5 days. No bath / sauna/ swimming pool/ solarium/ sea/ beach - for 3 weeks.

It is better to exclude tight cloths, natural fabrics are preferable.

After the tattoo is fully healed (healing process takes 3 - 4 weeks) every time you sunbathe, make sure you use sunscreen (SPF 50 or higher). 

Please send me a photo of your healed tattoo 4 weeks after the appointment 🤍