Several days before the appointment start to use moisturizing cream or oil in the place of the tattoo (especially if you have dry skin). It will soften your skin, which makes the tattooing process easier and helps the healing process

3 days before the appointment do not drink alcohol, do not go to the solarium and do not do depilation (sugaring, waxing) on the place of the tattoo.

Before the appointment do not drink strong black coffee, strong tea, energy drinks. Do not take any vasodilators.

Sleep well before the appointment, have a meal and be well rested - it will help to minimize pain.
It's better to come to the session in comfortable clothing. You can bring clothes and change at the studio if needed. I usually take pictures of the works so I will be glad if you could wear light-coloured clothes (for example, white t-shirt is great but of course it's up to you). If our project is on the hip, it's better to wear some kind of a dress or something loose.
If you have hair on the place of the tattoo (even small and blond), please shave it carefully before the appointment.

I do not use anesthesia, usually everything is absolutely bearable. This is because of my technique - fine lines and light shading do not traumatize skin a lot.

You can bring something to eat, especially if our project is for the whole day (please do not bring anything that smells). We will do little breaks during the session, it will also be possible to have quick lunch somewhere nearby.

I kindly ask you to come to the session alone, please don’t bring company with you.

You do not need to buy anything in advance for the tattoo aftercare. After the appointment I will tell you everything and you can get all you need at the studio.